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Welcome to Etiquette London!

Etiquette London provides modern, relevant business and social protocol training for today's professionals. We offer tailored solutions to fit your unique needs. Personal instruction and guided interactive exercises provide a thorough and practical foundation in the application of etiquette and protocol practices.

At Etiquette London we understand that relationships are at the heart of leadership and to build them you must display the upmost in professional behaviour. After attending one of our training sessions you will acquire soft skills in Business and Social Etiquette making consistent Protocol Impressions. Project Poise, Polish and Presence in any circumstances. Improve your Mingling Proficiency and promote a Winning Company Image.

Learn World Class Dining Skills and Effective Business Meal Tactics. Private on site training or at a location near you provides convenient and personalized solutions to suit your individual requirements. Gain the competitive advantage and discover your own Presence Power Points. Gain the confidence that comes from knowing the correct response in any given situation and acquire the skills of today's World Class Professionals.





Business Professionals
Dine like a Diplomat
Outclass the Competition
How to succeed in the International Arena

Business Professionals
Professional Business Savvy

Wedding and Formal Dining
Wedding and Celebrations
Business lunch/dinner meetings
Formal dinning events of any kind

Young People
Everyday Etiquette for Children
Children’s Etiquette for Today
Dinning Skills for Children
Teen Etiquette for Today
Dinning Skills for Teens
Teen Employment and You